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Losing your hair is a bummer, whether male or female. While men usually have areas that become fully bald, women tend to suffer from universal thinning hair. We can help at PacificMed Health Group by aligning you with a hair transplantation specialist, returning thicker, growing hair to your bald or thinning areas. How is hair

Obesity isn’t just about the added pounds; it’s more about the impact it can have on the patient’s overall quality of life and quality of their health. Obesity can lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, and a host of health issues. But once a person has become obese, it’s not as if it’s

Gravity is tough on our skin and underlying tissues. It continually pulls everything downward. Throw in sun damage (particularly in a sunny place like California) along with the stresses of daily life, and your face takes a beating. As you age, your cheeks lose volume and sag, deep creases form under your eyes and between

While not usually dangerous, hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and disruptive to a person’s life. The pain, itching, and bleeding of hemorrhoids isn’t something to suffer through on your own. At PacificMed Health Group, our surgeons perform what is called a laser hemorrhoidectomy to provide instant relief from hemorrhoid pain. What are hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are

Gastric Balloon Beverly Hills | Los Angeles CA

It’s always a good idea to avoid surgery if there are other alternative care options. That’s the idea behind the gastric balloon. Instead of surgery such as a gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve, the gastric balloon helps our patients lose weight and change their lives without surgery. What is a Gastric Balloon? The idea

rhinoplasty Apple Valley, CA

These days, if you’re not “liking” or giving something a “thumbs up” you’re deemed a social misfit. But how many people would “like” their nose? Some people have made a good living with a big; some would say ugly, nose.  Jimmy Durante, Karl Malden, and W.C. Fields are actors that would come to mind. But

Fat is stubborn, kind of like a two-year-old rolling about on the floor at Safeway when his demand for a candy bar went unheeded. And in certain areas such as the lower abdomen, the hips, even under the chin that fat is almost impossible to target and address with exercise. The result is stubborn pockets