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Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment

Effective In Treating Both Varicose And Spider Veins, Sclerotherapy Uses Injectable Sclerosing Solution Or Foam That Causes The Vein To Shrink.

After the treatment, the blood is naturally rerouted to flow through healthy veins, while treated veins gradually fade and disappear. Sclerotherapy uses a variety of chemicals suitable for treating smaller veins. While hypertonic saline is the most common solution employed in sclerotherapy, also delivers excellent results and considerably reduces burning sensation. The latest sclerotherapy methods utilize special foam in order to effectively treat larger varicose veins.

Benefits Of Sclerotherapy

  • Minimally invasive treatment that uses thinnest possible needles
  • This relatively short procedure can be performed in 30 to 60 minutes
  • Treatment is safe and may produce minor side effects such as itching or bruising that go away within days
  • Most sclerotherapy patients are able to resume normal daily activities right after treatment


  1. Ultrasound is recommended to ensure precise results.
  2. This is a relatively painless procedure that requires no anesthesia.
  3. This treatment involves thinnest possible needles to make a number injections along the vein
  4. The affected area is injected with sclerosant solution or special foam which will cause the vein to collapse.
  5. Recommended treatment is performed in 2-3 sessions to achieve fading of undesirable veins.


Candidates for sclerotherapy must be first properly diagnosed with varicose or spider veins. This requires a physical examination and an ultrasound along with a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical history. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment options will be discussed. If health-related concerns are causing varicose or spider veins, it is important to treat these conditions to prevent them from causing problem veins in the future.

Possible Side Effects

Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment Los Angeles

Temporary side effects such as bruising, redness, minor sores, darkened skin, or multiple tiny red blood vessels. These side effects are expected to disappear within several days or weeks.

In rare cases, this treatment may cause such complications as inflammation, allergic reaction, blood clots or air bubbles in the bloodstream.

Dr. Lee Au

Dr. Au is also has specialty training for treatment of varicose veins and spider veins. He has had special training and certification by Covidien Medical for minimally invasive radiofrequency ablation of varicose veins.

Currently, Dr. Au treats patients in the Inland Empire, Beverly Hills, and Apple Valley. While his primary professional interests lie in the field of bariatric and general surgery, Dr. Au has also established himself as a top laser treatment specialist in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He uses advanced laser technology to perform hair removal procedures with safe and effective results. In addition, Dr. Au has earned a well-deserved reputation as an expert varicose and spider vein specialist. He employs minimally-invasive therapy procedure to address problem veins.