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PacificMed is Southern California’s trusted provider for connecting patients to quality physicians, who provide comprehensive and affordable health care and, cosmetic surgery procedures. Our mission is to help patients get the best care and attention possible by connecting them to the most qualified physicians in their area. Call us today to set up an appointment so that we can help you today!

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Our Specialties

Vein Care

Pacific Med Health Group is recognized as a top of the line vein treatment facility in Southern California. It offers the most advanced varicose and spider vein treatments currently available in the Greater Los Angeles area, Inland Empire, San Bernardino, and Orange County. Whether you have leg pains associated with varicose veins or purely cosmetic concerns linked to unsightly spider veins, our board-certified vein specialists will devise a personalized treatment plan that fits your condition.

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Hemorrhoid Care

Caused by swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum, hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and disruptive to everyday life. Although rarely dangerous, this condition can cause the following: Severe itching, pain, bleeding. Not every patient with hemorrhoids, however, seeks treatment, choosing to keep this condition private. What most patients don’t realize is that hemorrhoids are extremely common. Indeed, by the age of 50, roughly half of the population will have experienced the symptoms associated with this condition.

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While most dieticians might advise you to adopt healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle, diet and, exercise does not always work for everyone. If you are weary of the endless search for effective weight loss options, the expert team of bariatric specialists at the Pacific Med Health Group is ready to offer a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures designed to deliver results.

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This simple idea explains the numerous benefits of cosmetic surgery. Whether you choose a facelift, breast augmentation, or fat transfer, a cosmetic procedure will restore your youthful contour, create symmetry, and enhance your body proportions. Cosmetic surgery does so much more than improve your appearance, however. By enhancing your image, it also boosts your self-confidence and even increases your potential for professional success.

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Many cosmetic surgery options can improve, change or temporarily alter your appearance. When you talk to your cosmetic or general doctor, please be open about what you want. We are here to help guide you through your journey and make the best choice for your body type and budget.

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