Also known as ambulatory phelebectomy, this minimally-invasive procedure is ideally suited to treat superficial bulging veins that are too large for Sclerotherapy. For this reason, it is more appropriate for treating varicose veins rather than smaller spider veins.

Steps Involved

1. Ultrasound is performed before treatment
2. Performed under local anesthetic
3. The procedure is relatively quick, lasting between 30 minutes to an hour.
4. Due to the small size of punctures, this procedure doesn’t require stiches.
5. With minimal downtime most patients are able to go back to their daily activities the following day.
6. Doctors may recommend compression stockings to be used during the first two weeks after the procedure to control minor swelling.

Possible Side Effects

Minor bruising and mild discomfort which may last only a few days following the procedure.
In rare cases, may cause a skin nerve injury.