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The latest addition to the Juvederm line of injectable treatments, Voluma is a unique filler that addresses age-related volume loss in the cheek area. It provides an impermanent but effective alternative to cosmetic surgery by delivering intense hydration to the skin, restoring its youthful definition and plump state. Voluma is distinguished by the absence of downtime and exceptional longevity of results, which last up to two years.

What is in Voluma?

For its active ingredient, Voluma uses a hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin. As we age, our bodies stop producing enough of this substance to maintain a plump and radiant facial look. As a result, we experience sagging of the cheeks and deep nasolabial folds that contribute to the earliest signs of aging in the midface region. What Voluma does is deliver a much-needed boost of hyaluronic acid to create a “lifting” effect. By replenishing this natural substance in your skin, it adds volume to cheeks, restores fullness to the deflated skin, and gives you back a natural and youthful facial appearance.

How Long Does it Last?

Voluma is not the only facial filler to use a hyaluronic acid, but it distinguishes itself from competitors by lasting almost twice as long as other fillers. Most patients can enjoy the rejuvenating effects of this treatment for up to 2 years. Because its results withstand degradation, the treatment is ideal for patients who dislike frequent refills.

Are you The Right Candidate for Voluma?

Voluma is specifically designed to contour and lift the midface region. You may be an excellent candidate for this treatment if you seek to:

  • Add volume to cheeks
  • Soften the nasolabial folds
  • Restore plumpness to your skin
  • Smooth out facial lines and creases

Scheduling a Consultation

Scheduling a consultation is a crucial first step in achieving your Voluma goals.

  • A consultation allows Dr. Michael Omidi to carefully assess your needs and discuss your desired results.
  • He will spend as much time as necessary to determine if this treatment is right for you
    Dr. Omidi will make sure that you have realistic expectations for Voluma results.
  • You will discuss any prior medical conditions or drug allergies.
  • Dr. Omidi will provide detailed recommendations concerning the postoperative care.

What does Treatment Involve?

Voluma is a quick non-surgical procedure that can be easily performed during a lunch break. Using very fine needles, Dr. Michael Omidi will inject a gel-like substance into your cheeks. You will be able to observe the results almost immediately as your facial skin is restored to its plump appearance in a matter of minutes. There is no downtime: you can return to work or carry on with your usual daily activities right after the procedure.

Results and Side Effects

After its FDA approval, Voluma has been marketed in 72 countries with largely predictable and safe results. Like every injectable filler, however, it has some mild side effects that include soreness, swelling, discoloration, itching, bruising, redness, and tenderness to the touch. Typically, these side effects are short-lived and get resolved within a week after the injection.

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