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You’re probably ashamed of your varicose veins and hate the way they look. Or maybe you’re tired of the pain associated with varicose veins and want a solution to live pain-free? Whatever your concerns are, varicose veins are troublesome! But the good news is Pacific Med Apple Valley offers a number of treatments to rid your varicose and spider veins. We offer a number of different treatments done by board-certified vein specialists who will create a personalized treatment plan based on your individual condition.

We offer proficient staff with knowledge and talent performing the most advanced and minimally invasive treatments to get rid of your varicose and spider veins. The treatments we offer include radiofrequency ablation (Venefit), endovenous laser ablation, ClariVein treatment, microphlebectomy and sclerotherapy.

But regardless of what treatment you get, know that you’ll receive the best care so that your specific vein problems are solved! Treatments are covered by most PPO insurances, provide little to minimal down time and are affordable!

Apple Valley, CA

Pacific Med Health Group
18182 CA-18,
Apple Valley, CA 92307

As one of the leading varicose vein treatment clinic in Southern California, Pacific Med Health Group offers the most advanced spider vein and varicose leg treatments available in the region, including Inland Empire, Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County.

  • 30 Years Experience of spider vein removal and Sclerotherapy
  • Most PPO insurance accepted
  • Top Rated Vascular Surgeon with 5 star reviews on Yelp
  • Non Invasive Vascular Surgery Treatments
  • Get back to daily activities right after treatment
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