Here at Pacific Med Health Group we offer state-of-the-art ClariVein treatment, which is widely considered to be even less invasive than laser vein therapy.

Benefits of ClariVein

  • Known to be safe and painless
  • Limited risk and discomfort, guaranteed up to 74% less pain than other peripheral vascular treatments
  • There is no risk of thermal injury or nerve damage.

Steps Involved

1. Ultrasound is performed before treatment.

2. Due to its non-invasive nature, this procedure requires only a small amount of local anesthetic to be administered.

3. The tip of the catheter is positioned at the top of the vein to stimulate the inner lining of the vein.

4. As the tip rotates, sclerosant solution is infused through the end of the catheter causing the vein to seal.

Possible Side Effects

  • Potential risks are limited to minimal discomfort and minimal bruising.
  • No risk of thermal injury or nerve damage.

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