Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections CA

Platelets have amazing healing properties. They are the component of human blood that enables the blood to clot, and they trigger the entire wound-repair process. With that kind of rejuvenation power, wouldn’t it be great to use platelets to repair your damaged facial skin? You can go with platelet-rich plasma at PacificMed Health Group.

What is platelet-rich plasma?

Platelets are powerful healing workhorses. When blood is condensed down to platelet-rich plasma (PRP), this serum has a variety of protein growth factors that trigger various healing mechanisms, from the production of new collagen to increasing the turnover of skin cells. You may have heard PRP used with professional athletes. For years, PRP has been used to speed the healing of joints, tendons, and muscle tissue in these athletes.

At PacificMed, we use PRP to “heal” skin issues such as sun damage, acne scarring, stretch marks, and wrinkles and fine lines.

How is PRP created?

Platelet-rich plasma is nothing but a condensation of sorts. To make it, we take a sample of your blood, about the same amount taken for normal lab work. Then we put that blood in a sterile, closed system centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the elements in the blood into white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma, and…wait for it…platelets. Next, we remove the white and red blood cells, leaving just plasma and platelets. But now, without the white and red blood cells, the platelets are four times as numerous as they were in the full blood sample. Talk about a basic healing superhero — PRP is it!

How and where is PRP used on the face?

After creating the PRP, we place topical anesthetic on the areas to be treated. Then we make numerous small injections all over those areas with the PRP serum. The PRP is placed below the epidermis, the skin’s outer layer, and down into the dermis, the skin’s second layer. There it gets to work triggering collagen production and other healing mechanisms.

At PacificMed, we use PRP to plump out cheek indentations, soften under eye hollows, remove fine lines and wrinkles, and to improve skin tone, tightness, and texture. It also is great for minimizing acne scars and stretch marks.

When will I see my PRP results?

You won’t see immediate results with PRP facial injections. Your results will begin to show themselves in three to four weeks as new collagen is added to the treatment areas. From there these results continue to build for three to four months. For the best results, we recommend three PRP treatments, spaced 1-2 months apart.

Interested in putting platelets to work for you? Contact the team at PacificMed Health Group, or call (800) 555-5551, and ask about platelet-rich plasma.