What Our Patients Are Saying

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Myrka Salcedo – Initial Consultation

My visit today was very friendly environment and the doctor was also very helpful with his options.

Stephanie Alvarez – Brachioplasty

I selected Dr. Michael after interviewing several doctors. He was the one who was most knowledgeable overall. My procedure was rhinoplasty. I had it November, 2015. I wanted a rhinoplasty since I was in high school. The staff and doctor were amazing at before and after care. I feel more confident and get less migraines since. Changed my life permanently.

Michelle Porter (for Dr. Au) – Adjustment to Band

Came in feeling down due to weight gain, but Dr. Au explained the gain was very little and things will turn around. He really made me feel a lot better. Thank you, Dr. Au!

Senna Trull (for Dr. Au) – Adjustment

Louise is very friendly and welcoming and even let me come in early since I arrived early. My appointment went just fine. Dr. Au is very good at showing care and concern for my health.

Pat Fischer – Refirm

The staff and doctor are very kind and knowledgeable. The results are to show up gradually over the next couple of months. Virtually pain-free.

Matt Bekam – Laser Hair Removal

I have had dramatic reduction in hair thickness and growth. The first laser treatments I had years ago made my hair worse but thankfully Dr. Omidi and Dr. Lutzker knew what he was doing! I had 5 treatments done at a dermatologist office in 2004-05 and I’m shocked at how much better I look now compared to then and with not even 1/10th of the pain!

Heather Reves – laser hair

Referred by another patient who had treatments. I have been thinking of having the procedure for two years. I am so excited for the procedure! 🙂

Rosio Mendosa – Laser Hair Removal

I had a great experience.

Angela Alexander – Laser

I chose this doctor because of Groupon. I had laser treatment on my chin. My experience with the staff and doctor has been excellent. Today was my fifth treatment and I no longer have to shave, and I’m thrilled about that especially when I forget.

Brenda Lara – Laser Hair Removal

Great service and friendly.

Aracely Quinten – Laser Hair Removal

I chose the laser hair and bought a deal on Groupon and hoping to be a great experience, so far Doctor seems nice and professional. Friendly staff. I was expecting the procedure to be more painful, but it wasn’t bad at all. A bit burning sensation but tolerable, so far so good. This was my first session, have 5 more to go. I’m excited to see the final results.

Rebecca Romero – Laser Removal

Good service, was quick and not painful at all. Very friendly doctor, enjoyed my service.

Ochoa Helen – Laser Hair Removal

The surgeon was recommended by a friend, has great customer service, and explains things well.

Candy – Laser

I’ve had two treatments, I’m happy with service and results so far.

Eliza Stein – Laser Hair Removal

Loved Mary, she was incredible. Office was running late, but Mary made up for it. I’m very happy about the procedure and have wanted it for awhile.

Nadia Sparks – Laser

This is my first time getting laser and the nurse Mary was very welcoming and she made me feel comfortable. She talked me through everything and made me feel more at ease. The procedure was fast. I was happy with her and the front desk was also very friendly as well.

Angelica Villa – Laser Hair Removal

Louise and Mary made me feel very welcome at the clinic. Louise was very friendly and professional. Mary explained perfectly the laser treatment. I was very satisfied with my overall visit.

Sapna Patel – Laser Hair Removal

I loved it, everyone in the office is so nice and welcoming even when I was a little late, they accommodated. I loved the experience! I will definitely recommend this to anyone!

Brenda Cervantes – Laser Hair Removal

Mary has been wonderful. She has thoroughly explained all of the details of the procedure and how to care after treatment. She makes the process very smooth with her caring nature. An absolute pleasure thus far!

Janelle Schmidt – Laser Hair Removal

Mary was very thorough in explaining the procedure, she took time to answer my questions. And I understand the procedure better and know how to prep appropriately for next time. Thank you!

Urmi Patel – Laser Hair Removal

I selected this doctor via Groupon and I’m glad I did cuz previously I had laser hair removal done and was never told few things about hair removal. Nurse Mary is awesome and very friendly.