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Rhinoplasty | Nose Job Beverly Hills | Apple Valley, CAThese days, if you’re not “liking” or giving something a “thumbs up” you’re deemed a social misfit. But how many people would “like” their nose?

Some people have made a good living with a big; some would say ugly, nose.  Jimmy Durante, Karl Malden, and W.C. Fields are actors that would come to mind. But most of us aren’t all that fond of our noses, whether they’re too big, too small, have a bulbous tip, a hump on the bridge, flared nostrils, or other perceived flaws.

You don’t have to live with a nose you hate. The expert surgeons at PacificMed Health Group can change the structure of your nose and give you something you like to see looking back at you every morning. The procedure is called rhinoplasty.

Changing your nose

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as nose surgery, removes, rearranges, or reshapes the bone or cartilage of the nose to correct deformities. While it’s not news to most people, who don’t like their nose, after the eyes the nose is the focal point of the face. As such, it can impact how a person feels about their looks. Last year, half a million people opted to have rhinoplasty to change their nose. That’s a lot of people who decided to get a nose they like.

Deciding on the new direction

During your consultation with your PacificMed surgeon, you will discuss how you want to change your nose. We’ll ask what you like about your nose, and what you’d like to change. We use digital photos and computer imaging to allow you to see what those changes will look like. The extent of the changes you seek will dictate the appropriate surgical method we use.

The surgery

There are two methods for nose surgery, open and closed. When larger, more involved changes are required, we usually will use the “open” method. Incisions are created across the tissue between the patient’s nostrils. If the goal is to reduce the nose size or shape or to straighten it, the skin covering the underlying bone and cartilage will be separated, allowing the cartilage and bone to be reshaped. Once this has been done, the skin is then re-draped over the surface. Flared nostrils can be narrowed by creating an incision at the junction between the nose and the skin of the upper lip.

For less dramatic changes, we may be able to utilize the “closed” method. In a closed procedure, the incisions needed are all made within the nose. This eliminates any scarring.

After your surgery

After surgery, a lightweight splint is used to maintain the shape of the nose. This splint is removed within a week following surgery. During surgery, nasal splints may be inserted to protect the septum. These splints are also removed within a week. Stuffiness is expected after surgery, especially when changes have been made to the septum. Recovery usually takes one to two weeks, but some residual swelling can continue for a few weeks.

If you hate your nose, call us at PacificMed Health Group, 800-555-5551, and let’s get working on changing it.