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Skin Tightening

Firm the Skin & Reduce Wrinkles with Skin Tightening
Pacific Med physicians use the innovative ReFirme™ procedure to tighten skin and restore a youthful appearance.

What is ReFirme? Skin tightening laser using ELOS technology, infrared light energy and bipolar radio frequency energy to heat dermal tissue activating the body’s natural collagen production. Helps wrinkle reduction and firming the skin. ReFirme is technically not a laser, although it is called one, because this machine uses radio frequency. Refirme is safe for all skin types.

Area of Treatment: Sagging skin on the face and body.

Number of Treatments: at least 4, 2-4 weeks in between

Duration of treatments: 45-60 minutes

Level of Improvement: 50%  improvement (as you age, more wrinkles appear)

Side Effects: None. No down time, no crusting, little to no redness.

Precautions: Depending on tolerance for pain, lidocaine cream for numbing might be needed.

Laser Hair RemovalLaser Hair Removal | Pacific Med Health Group | Pomona CA

Get Smooth, Spotless Skin with Laser Hair Removal
How it Works:the laser targets the growing dermal papilla beneath the skin and heats it to a point where it kills it.

Area of Treatment: anywhere on the body.

How Treatment Feels: mild heat

Number of treatments: at least 7-8 treatments, until you go through the whole cycle of growth, 4 weeks in between.

Duration of Treatments: depends on the area – face can take 5-10 minutes, chest and back 30 minutes.

Side Effects: redness, mild itching, some bumpiness next day.

Precautions: none – no numbing treatment needed.

Hair & Skin Type: Lasers will not work on patients with white/grey hair, or those with really dark skin.

Laser Resurfacing

Firm the Skin & Reduce Wrinkles with Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing treatments are used for the following: to smooth out wrinkles; to tighten sagging skin; to remove unwanted hair, red and brown spots, and tattoos; to improve cellulite; to contour the body.

How It Works: Once it reaches 50 microns beneath the skin, the laser cooks the old collagen, which triggers the growth of new ones.

Area of Treatment: Full face, including cheeks and eyelids.

Number of treatments: 1-2

Level of Improvement: 50% improvement (as you age, more wrinkles appear)

Side Effects: crustiness for 3-7 days, and pinkness for 6 weeks

Precautions: skin is crispy after the treatment- antibiotic ointment is needed.

Results: Results may be seen after the 2nd treatment.

PhotofacialPhotofacial | Pacific Med Health Group | Pomona CA

Treat Sun Damage, Age Spots, & More with a Photofacial
Treatment for sun spots, broken capillaries/vessels, and age spots. Red spots are in the form of cherry angiomas, or redness of the blood vessels around the nose and cheeks, while brown spots are those caused by exposure to the sun.

How it Works: For brown sports, laser targets brown color also associated with wrinkles; both can be treated at the same time. For red spots, the green laser light cooks any surface that is red.

Area of Treatment: anywhere on the body, e.g. blood vessels around nose and cheeks.

How Treatment Feels: tingling, rubber band snapping the skin.

Number of Treatments: usually 1, but a few more for cherry angiomas.

Duration of Treatments: 10-20 minutes

Side effects: redness, itching for 24 hours.

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