Dr peter Driscoll


Dr. Peter Driscoll is a board certified cosmetic surgeon focusing on plastic surgery in Beverly Hills/Los Angeles.  After graduating from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School with honors, he began a research fellowship at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical Center.  He then completed a six-year residency in facial plastic/head & neck surgery, and followed his passion completing a fellowship in cosmetic surgery (Beverly Hills) training with world renowned doctors, such as Dr. Fred Corbin, Dr. Neal Handel, and Dr. George Boris.


Dr. Driscoll’s expertise has been featured nationally and internationally with appearances on Dr. Phil, Tyra, Montel, Discovery Channel, and BBC.  In addition, Dr. Driscoll has presented topics on plastic surgery with emphasis in scar less breast augmentation and gluteal implant surgery.  Both surgeries and many more are featured on his web site: www.beverlycosmeticsurgery.com or his social media: dr.losangles.

Dr. Driscoll has become an innovator in the field of plastic surgery and has patented his own surgical instruments which allow him to perform unique procedures.  Removing breast implants through the navel and replacing them with larger or smaller implants, would be just one example.  Dr. Driscoll coined the phrase “Breast Swapping” for this unique procedure that allows patients to change their breast size with no down time or pain medication.  Currently, he is in the process of patenting a new butt implant retractor.  Dr. Driscoll’s practice philosophy is to offer his patients the most advanced and safest techniques in plastic surgery today. Having performed over 2000 Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentations (TUBA) and over 1600 Gluteal implant surgeries, Dr. Driscoll is one of the leading surgeons in the USA and his specialty.

The Possibilities Are Endless!

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